Need Help Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service locator work?

When a client is looking for a specific service / type of business, they will be required to answer a set of questions which will be used as a guide to source the most adequate services providers and/or businesses. The details will include what type of business they are looking for, their operating hours, their address along with map locations. The service provider will then be provided with the results of those answers to see if they can assist the client and thus take away the hassle of searching for service providers.

Are the details of the client also shared with the service provider?

Yes, the details of the client are shared with the service provider to enable the service provider to contact and finalize the correspondence. Client details shared with the service provider include what exact services are required by the client, which date the services are required, and which most convenient time they can make themselves available. This eliminates the need for service providers to respond to clients they cannot assist and takes away the frustration and requirement from the clients to repeatedly provide their details.

Are the client details shared confidential?

No, the client does provide their details willingly which also helps to source the providers they require and if they are not sure, they can request to speak directly with the service provider when the service provider makes contact.

When searching for the service providers, which ones are seen?

Services providers that have listed their business on Adept Sync and are within the same location as the client will be shared with the client. The customer will be provided with a list of specific providers in line with the services they are looking for.

As a service provider how will I know which client requires my services?

When a customer within your area has submitted their details to require a service, Adept Sync provides the client with a list of surrounding services providers within the desired location. In the same instant, the service providers are also provided with the client's details to ensure they can contact them. Thus, the information is exchanged / shared between the service provider and the client. The client can then make the decision which service provider to go with based on the location and the correspondence from them.

As a service provider how can I ensure that I receive new clients?

If a new lead has requested the services which you provide, you will be included in a list along with other similar services providers to the customer, along with your geographical location. This is to ensure that customers are receiving the option of requesting your services within their area. The customer is supplied with a list of potential service providers, and the service provider is also issued with the client’s details – it is up to the service provider to reach out and close the potential sale.

As a customer can I keep my most utilized services providers as my favorite?

Yes, if you have used the same service provider multiple times and are happy with the quality of assistance, you can save them as your favorite service provider to ensure that you can repeatedly use them. This can help you build a network of preferred services providers.

What if my customer has moved to a different location?

Depending on whether the customer is still within the business area, your details will be available to them. However, if the customer has moved to a different geographic location, they may no longer be available on your list when they make the desired search. Remember, our desire is to link service providers with customers closest to them. When a client is happy with your outstanding service, you have a loyal customer, which means they still can decide to use your services, even after they have moved to a different location.

Are customers able to rate my service after use?

No this is not yet a functionality of Adept Sync however, if you provide great service to your customers, they can refer friends and family to you. That will make your business popular, and you will see growth steadily with the leads provided.